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“Symphony Sunday In The Park” Outdoor Pops Concert

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“Symphony Sunday In The Park” Outdoor Pops Concert


The 3rd concert of the season, Symphony Sunday is perhaps the most popular concert of all. At this outdoor Pops concert, you find families , couples, and single individuals all over City Park enjoying the likes of Broadway tunes, big band music, and jazz selections. The afternoon begins with many spreading out blankets and picnic food, participating in the competition to win a prize for the best Picnic Theme of the day. Others take advantage of the instrument petting zoo, allowing many children to examine and try out different musical instruments. Finally, there are always fun loving couples and children who cannot resist dancing to the captivating music. This next Symphony Sunday In The Park will be held on Sunday, April 3, 2016 at 3 PM in New Iberia City Park. In case of rain, the concert is held in the Sugar Cane Festival Building.

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